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Sleep Number vs Craftmatic

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anyone have a sleep number bed or know of someone who does? I'd like some opinions before we go out and spend a couple thousand on a bed. Husband wants sleep number and I want craftmatic.

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    • In regards to beds, I am not sure which is best. I have a plain old flat bed, which cost thousands of dollars because it is the top of the line Serta pillow top...except, I prefer sleeping on the couch. (Could it be because I sleep more upright as opposed to flat, that I prefer it that way)? Also, would you know what time a bed a hospital bed would be classified as? I know that I was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday (09/11/02) for a tonsillectomy (at age 22) and needed to be observed overnight...I had my head elevated slightly, and my legs elevated slightly in the hospital bed, and by god...I think that that was the most comforable night I've ever had...(under the circumstances...all sorts of hoses, nodules, stickies, iv's and all that junk stuck to me...not to mention the pain. Also, they ...

      Well, initially, the doctor, back in June, gave me a pulse oximetry machine to take home and to bring back. That showed that I get less than 85% oxygen in my blood...yada yada yada...sleep apnea.... In the hospital, I had that thing that clipped on your ear, and the doctor's who were watching over me all night said that it stayed above 92%, and this was WITHOUT oxygen. They did put the nasal oxygen on me after surgery because I wasn't quite stable after the anesthesia, etc...but, after I was awake and full of pain...I didn't need the "added comfort" of the oxygen. So, in regards to beds...any idea what a hospital bed would be classified as?




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