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Trouble WIth Ambien MAking Me Tired The next Day? Should I Try Lunesta?

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I started taking Ambien to get to sleep and it seems as if I am very tired the next day. In fact, I seem very tired the next day. I get to bet at about 10:30 PM (which is when I take the pill), then wake up at about 6 or so.

Lately, I have been exhausted the next day. Has anyone else had problems with Ambien?

I was thinking about trying Lunesta? Anyone tried it? How is it?


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    • I've tried both Lunesta and Ambien. My personal preference would have to be Ambien. Lunesta would get me to sleep, but I would wake up about two hours later and would not be able to fall back asleep. When I took Ambien, I would cut the pills in half and only take half. This would get me to sleep and would keep me asleep all night long. I didn't feel tired the next day.
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