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weird drugged feeling when waking up

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i go to bed about 11ish every night and wake up at 7:45 every morning. that should be enough sleep but EVERY morning i wake up and feel drugged and sluggish. my hand/arm is ALWAYS numb and asleep. it takes me a good two hours or so to fully wake up. (i dont drink caffeine so no coffee in the morning for me). i always feel way too tired in the morning and it sometimes makes me feel sick and dizzy. does anyone get this? it scares me because my husband gets the same sleep as me and he wakes up ready to go and refreshed for the day. i dont even know what that feels like. i wake up often in my sleep so im a pretty light sleeper but i wake up every morning feeling so heavy and tired. any insight would help thanks.

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    • im also extremly tired all day long, i dont ever really "wake up".
      #1; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 15:01:00 GMT